September 2007

I apologize for the delay in writing another post but it seems that this will be a frequent happening due to how quickly the days seem to pass.  Life is good!!!  We love being here making new friends and having friends and family come out to visit! 

My parents were just out for a week this past week and we enjoyed every minute.  Taylor had a blast with “bobby” this is what she has been calling grandpa.  At the moment everything is either “baby, bunny, bobby, daddy, hi, mommy, quack, or a growl of some type,” well that is not entirely true, while we were driving to the Louisville Slugger Museum with my parents Taylor was saying a word which if she was older would get her into trouble (she probably learned it at church, ha ha).

My dad did a bunch of work around the house while he was here which would have taken me about five years to complete with my handyman skills.  Carrie had a birthday while they were out and we went to Islamadora’s, which is a fish restaurant inside The Bass Pro Shop.  If you have not been to a Bass Pro Shop it is quite an experience.  If you didn’t know better from some of the pictures you would think we went camping.  It is a three story adventure with a waterfall, river, airplane, safari, eel, and various other wild life although it is surrounded by items used to hunt that same wildlife. 

My parents, Carrie and Taylor went to the creation museum in Cincinnati which sounds like quite a place as well.  Taylor saw some dinosaurs and also brought some home with her.  I got to go to work so I missed out on the adventure but like you I was able to see the pictures.

My dad came to class with me on Tuesday so he got to sit in on both of the classes I am taking.  Although both of my classes are great my Spiritual Warfare in Evangelism and Missions is amazing.  It should be required of all students.  If you are going to read any of the books on my book list I would recommend the ones written by Chuck Lawless, my professor.  The Discipled Warriorsbook although written for church leadership is a great book for all Christians who desire the church to be what it is designed to be.  It is a quick read only 220 pages which you could knock out in a couple of sittings but very practical as well as theological.  Dr. Lawless pastored for 14 years before coming on staff at SBTS and has been here for 10+ years while still preaching at one of the local churches. 

Taylor’s first birthday is coming up in about a week so that should be fun.  We are going to have a barnyard birthday, Taylor is really into farm animals at the moment.  Well I will post a slide-show which will be above this post of the most recent pictures.