June 2008


Well I know it has been three months or so but that is the way it goes.  The semester is finished and I did well in my Discipleship through mentoring class.  It was a great course which will have a huge impact on the direction and effectiveness of my ministry.  It is always interesting how the most basic aspects of faith and ministry are so easily overlooked.  The work of mentoring will not be without cost however.  It will take our time, energy, resources, an in truth our lives if we are to be effective at it.  My two most impactful courses have been with Dr. Lawless (Spiritual Warfare in evangelism and missions and Discipleship through mentoring). 
Well spring has just about passed and summer with its wonderful humidity is creeping up on us.  We have been able to spend a lot of time outside enjoying the beauitiful weather over the past couple months. 
Above are some pictures of Taylor splashing in the water, she loves to get sprayed by the hose!  She also has enjoyed our stray cat.  She like to pet it and color it with her chalk.