I am writing a paper on Equipping through Mentoring and came across this quote from C.H. Spurgeon’s book Soul Winner. Sit and think about this for a while, are the things that keep us from this life worth it?

Give me a man not only with a great object in his soul, but thoroughly possessed by it, his powers all concentrated, and himself on fire with vehement zeal for his supreme object, and you have put before me one of the greatest sources of power which the world can produce.  Give me a man engrossed with holy love in his heart, and filled with some masterly celestial thought as to his brain, and such a man will be known wherever his lot may be cast, and I venture to prophesy that his name will be remembered long after the place of his speulchre shall be forgotten.

Speulchre – tomb, grave, burial place (I had to look it up!!)