As usual I begin a post with the words “it has been a while” but I guess that is to be expected. 
   The familia is doing well, sorry no pictures I am in between classes at school, Taylor is having a great time making friends at church and she is quite the little gymnist during her gymnastics class.  Cameron has almost caught on to the crawling thing, he can scoot backwards but he wants to go forward, needless to say he gets frustrated that his toys keep getting further and further away.  
   I have been enjoying Golden Gate and am learning quite a bit.  It is on to Greek next semester and I am really excited to get going on that.  I am also coaching the freshmen girls softball team this season.  We have a really good team and it has been a fun experience.
   Well just wanted to drop a quick note to update you.  If you are in the area give us a call, or even if you are not give us a call.