I finished classes about a month or more ago, only for the semester, and have been spending as much time as possible with Carrie and Taylor.  We are having a great time.  Taylor is learning to throw the squishy baseball, she has a pretty good arm (accurate like her dad), with a little long toss regimine she should be ready for tee ball in 4 years. 
    I have had the opportunity to speak a couple times at a church in the area filling in while they do not have a pastor and have been able to lead the bible study for our sunday school class while our teacher was speaking at another church.  I did help with the offering this past sunday (we have the plates) and I dropped the red felt circle that goes in the bottom as I was walking to the front, the few that saw got a kick out of it, that’s the last time they will let me do that!!
    The house fixins are slowly getting completed the kitched is the last thing that is not electical.  It will be 5 degrees on Thursday so that is always exciting!
    Carrie’s mom came out for a couple weeks during Christmas and we had a wonderful time with her.  My mom is coming out in another week and we look forward to that.  Carrie’s mom brought us some burrito’s from Miguel’s Jr. (potato, rice, and cheese) we have been rationing them and they are wonderful. 
     If you didn’t know Carrie is pregnant and we will find out tomorrow if she is having a girl or a boy!!!
    Life is stretching and when we look back on things we find that it is good.  We are blessed to serve a faithful God who meets our needs and displays his loving providence daily.  I am blessed to be able to learn about who God is from some truly gifted teachers who though they are definately highly qualified in the academic arena many are helpfully practical.  Though seminary has been rough (not so much the classes but the classes on top of life) it is truly a refining experience.  Thank you for praying for us and we hope to see some of you soon.  Looking forward to graduation but not holding my breath yet!!