It is no suprise to a believer when he/she hears the phrase “the Lord always provides.”  We constantly see and hear about how God meets needs and takes care of His children.  Then from time to time the Lord not only meets a need but He meets it with a little Pizzazz!  Such is our recent experience.  I will give you the whole story in chronological order, just know we did not know how all the pieces worked together until it was over and done with.

A few weeks ago Donnie and Juanita (Dan’s “other” parents, refered to from now on as D&J) asked Mark and Lanell (Dan’s parents, refered to as M&L) how Dan and Carrie’s cars were.  A simple question M&L responded to with the all is well we think type response.  D&J thought the Lord wanted them to give Dan and Carrie their “old” car since they were in the process of getting a new one.  So as is the way with the Christian life they just waited and went about life as usual. 

Friday September 5th
Dan meets Carrie and Taylor at Southern Seminary for the yearly kickoff bar-b-q on the big lawn at the seminary.  Good fun (Check out the Marshmans blog for pics: ) hanging out with friends and eating and getting faces painted.  Well as we got ready to leave Dan tries to start up the truck and it siezes and then does nothing.  Eventually it starts and shakes and sends some blue smoke out the tailpipe (this gave Carrie some good memories of her younger years when they had a van that gave off blue smoke).  Nonetheless we all made it home.  Carrie had Saturday off and Dan got off early and took the truck to get it looked like by a mechanic, knowing it was not good news. 

Saturday September 6
Mechanic says blown head gasket water getting into engine and mixing with oil, not good.  Also not the first time this had happened.  (Two years ago the same thing happened and M&L had just got a new car and gave their old minivan to Dan and Carrie which they sold for the amount it would cost to fix the truck.)  Dan called M&L to tell them the status of the truck and for any advice they might have.  M&L said laid out a couple possibilities knowing Dan and Carrie sure did not want an added car payment but need something to get from point A to point B.  Dan and Carrie when to the Toyota dealership to see if we could get any trade in value for a busted truck and check out the used car lot.  Not feeling comfortable with any of the vehicles especially in such a rush we left and had to do some shopping at Walmart (shh don’t tell anyone). 

Meanwhile, M&L went out with D&J to do some car shopping with them.  D&J again ask about the vehicle situation and M&L tell them the latest.  While they were working out a deal for their new car they told the guy they were buying it from, who is a Christian, the story and that instead of trading in their car they were going to give the car to us.  This brought tears to the guys face and he told them he would send it out and get it detailed and certified at no charge. 

Sunday morning 1:30am EST
We wake up to a phone call from Dan’s dad which we were not cohereant enough to answer, but he left a message.  Carrie goes in to check on Taylor who has a 104 temperature.  Dan listens to the message, half asleep and then hands the phone to Carrie, after she gives Taylor medicine, and told her to listen to it and tell him what she hears.  She says I think D&J want to give us their car?!  Dan scratches his head and says “lets talk about this in a few hours” and we go back to sleep.  In a few hours we called D&J to see what was going on and they told us the story.  Amazed we laughed and said “thank you” and chuckled at the strange and wonderful ways God provides for needs in ways which we don’t even see as viable options. 

All this being said the car is being shipped out here and should be here in a matter of days.

Oh yeah here is a picture of the car, which is 2 1/2 years old, still under warranty, oh and a Lexus!!!