I will update you by category in a nutshell.


Carrie put together a trip for us back to CA for five days to see family and we had a wonderful time.  We stayed in Manteca with my parents.  We got in Friday morning PST, Leisa came over on the train (with a special package) Friday early afternoon, Carrie’s mom, aunt, sister, bro in law and their 2 boys came up Saturday and on Sunday my grandma, grandpa, cousin (2x), aunt (2x), uncle and grandma came over on Sunday (i think that was everyone if not sorry, nothin but love here).  We had a wonderful time, it is always too short but we did talk about how great it will be to be in heaven and not have to part company for eternity. 

When we returned to the east coast, yes it is not the “midwest” if you are on east coast time, Carrie had the week off so “we” and I use that term loosely potty trained Taylor.  We are grateful that the Lord has given her a quick grasp on many things but specifically this.  She has done so well and sleeps through the night with no problems.


School starts on Monday, August, 18th or for me on the 19th.  I will be taking 12 units. 
Systematic Theology 2 with Dr. Wellum
Intro to Biblical Counseling Methods and Skills with Dr. Scott
Intro the Christian Philosophy with Dr. Coppenger
Intro the Evangelism and Church Growth with Drs. Lawless and Greenway

I am really looking forward to my classes and being able to knock a good chunk out this semester.  The one draw back is I have somewhere between 3500 and 4500 pages to read before December!!! 


Carrie is no longer working for Lowe’s she is working as a nanny for two children in Louisville.  It is a wonderful opportunity for her and she is able to bring Taylor with her which is a huge blessing.  We are grateful for the Lord’s provision in this area and look forward to seeing each other.  Carrie will work in the afternoons while I am at school or reading or taking a nap!!

I am still at Target working early, starting next week I begin at 4am EST but that means I will get off earlier!!  It is good for the most part and I am thankful to have a schedule where I am able to take classes and study and still see my family it is much better then this past year has been.  The days go by quick because we are busy so really who needs sleep?!  The Lord is faithful to meet our needs and we are excited to see what He has in store both in the short term and long term.  I will try to post some pics  in the not so distant future, certianly before school starts or it may be January!


I did find a link on my buddy Kevin’s site that gives a list of “theological” books by ages if you are interested here is the link:


I would add one book to this list for sure:
The Illustrated Guide to Biblical History by Kendall Easley

Catch you later…