The semester is finally over!!  I am still waiting on my grades but I am pretty sure I won’t have to retake any classes yet.  This semester flew by for the most part and I do feel like much has been learned and hopefully is beginning to be applied.

My Spiritual Warfare in Evangelism and Missions was an absolutely life altering class.  Dr. Lawless is not only an incredible teacher but also an incredible man of God.  My one fear with having taken this class in my first semester is that I took the best class with the best instructor Southern has to offer.  None the less I hope to take another class with him at my earliest convenience.  He is teaching a class called Discipleship through Mentoring this next semester which I would love to take but we will see if it is possible with the schedule.  I am required to take the Spiritual Disciplines class this next semester which will be interesting  and I do look forward to so that will definately be on the schedule. 

 My New Testament class with Dr. Vickers was also excellent and I learned a significant amount while also being stirred to review and study some topics which I had previously dealt with. 

 I could not ask for a better first semester than I have had.  I look forward to what comes next and I certianly look forward to being finished but it may be a while.