Carrie and Taylor are doing well.  Taylor is getting good at her animal noises and sign language.  She can make noises for the cow, dog, horse, elephant, owl, tiger, lion, monkey, sheep and cat and she can sign for more, eat, bath, please, thank you, mommy, daddy, clap, sleep, no (she didn’t need much help for that one), and maybe one or two more. 

We are enjoying being together a bit more now that school is out.  There are a bunch of little projects that need to be done so we are working on them and playing in the leaves!! 

We did set up the Christmas tree a couple of days ago and Taylor is slowly getting comfortable with sharing the room with the tree.  It is definately cold enough for Christmas!!  When I go to work in the mornings it is 25 degrees our high has been in the low to mid 40’s.  I don’t mind I would rather be cold than hot but that is not the consensus around here.

Thanksgiving was a good time even though we didn’t take any pictures, sorry.  We had the Marshman’s, Crandell’s, Backel’s and Blairs over and man did we have a feast!!  It was a good day to eat and play games. 

 Target is keeping me busy right now but at least the days go by quickly.  We are certianly looking forward to Christmas.  Shortly after Christmas Carrie’s mom is going to come out for a few days and then toward the end of January my parents are going to come out.  It will be good to see family for a while!!

Life really is good, a bit hard but still good.  We are learning much about waiting and trusting the Lord, and how to be disciplined with our time and money.  Hopefully we will learn what we need to during this time so that we can be more effective for God’s kingdom.