I just finished reading Battling Unbelief a shortened version of Future Grace by John Piper.  This book deals with the practical aspects of conquering sin through faith in the future grace of God.  I will not give away the book here but some of Piper’s insight in the chapter called ‘Battling Misplaced Shame’ was extremely helpful and I almost skipped it because I thought it was something I didn’t really need to work on.  In a sentence, we should feel shame if we dishonor God and we should not feel shame when we honor God.  Then he explains how that usually plays out in the lives of sinful people (you and me).
       As soon as I finished this book about 1:00pm EST the mailman dropped off the books I ordered for my Intro to New Testament class which I wrote of in an earlier post.  Since I am learing how to insert links I will put a link to give you some more info about each book if you are interested.  Intro to the NT, Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity, Sermon on the Mount
       Carrie had an interview this morning at Lowes for a part time position.  She said it went really well, she interviewed with three people and they seemed to really like her.  One of the ladies went to CBU when it was CBC and gave us the name of another church close to our house to check out.  Taylor is working on a few teeth at the moment tooth “G” is the closest followed closely by tooth “E” and “H”  (if you don’t know where those teeth are here is a picture, scroll down almost to the bottom).
       I start working at Target this coming tuesday and am really looking forward to it.  My parents, Donnie and Juanita and three or four others from SHBC are still in Tanzania and it sounds like God has given them many opportunities to share the gospel with people there.  I am sure they would appreciate your prayers for fruitful opportunities and clarity of mind and mouth to clearly communicate the gospel.  At least one of the families they were sharing with earlier in the week understood the gospel yet were hesitant to profess their faith in Jesus because they would lose their job and income.
      “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:13