Well I got my license and plate (yes you only need one) today so I think it means that we really live in Indiana!! 

As to school I have signed up for one class that I will take for sure:
Intro to New Testament
Here is the book list if you are interested:
Doriani, Daniel, The Sermon on the Mount
Carson and Moo,
An Introduction to the New Testament
Barnett, Paul, Jesus and the Rise of Early Christianity
I have already ordered the books so I can get started on the reading.  I am waiting on work scheduling to see what the other class will be either:
Spiritual Disciplines with Donald Whitney
Systematic Theology with Bruce Ware
can’t really go wrong with either one.
I am excited to get going!!!
Prayer Requests:
A group from Sequoia is headed off to Tanzania this week pray that their work would be fruitful for the kingdom and for mercy as they travel!!